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HFI Training - For your Life and Location

Come to us or stay at home. Either way, we work around your schedule

We offer face-to-face personal training courses as well as pure distance learning options

Come to us or stay at home?

A blend of face-to-face learning and distance learning is called "blended learning"  and is very popular. This approach combines face-to-face practical workshop days, live individual Skype or phone sessions, guided home learning, online learning and, either face-to-face or dvd submissions for practical assessments.

Pure online / distance learning courses are also become very popular to negate the need for travel. With today's technology this is a great way to become qualified for those living in other parts of the country or in the other side of the world!


We work around you

With HFI, you are on your very own personal course. Many of our participants are on a specific timescale which is very personal to themselves. Some want to get started immediately and complete before a certain date while others are keen to let it all sink in slowly and move forward at steadier pace. We can offer you total flexibility using an approach best suited to you and your particular circumstances.

A full list of all our personal training courses can be found here.