How HFI Courses Work

When you are choosing your training provider for your PT qualification it can be a minefield. If you call HFI, you will be in touch with me (Alison Hall) to help you to decide on the best route for you. If you do decide to choose us, you will continue that relationship with me so we can plan your study plan and practice going forward. You will continue to have one-to-one Zoom tutorials as necessary throughout your journey.

Some people want to get going quickly and others want to take more more slowly. Any timescale is achievable with our expert guidance, you are the centre of your course and it is tailored to suit you.

Course Materials

Both the “fitness” section and the “personal trainer” sections of the Diploma qualification involve a large theory element. All the material you need is within the course “manuals” so this can be studied from anywhere. We use Zoom for one-to-one tutorials with you to help you study and to help you prepare for completing the theory assessments (worksheets).

Of course, there is also a practical skills element and this is developed by completing our “remote practical skills development programme”. Remote skills development programme is an excellent practical preparation format as you are taught on a one-to-one basis rather than being in a group.

Theory and Practical

Depending on how you get on and what your own preferences are you can complete the practical element at any time. Most people, complete the theory first and the practical at the end of the course.

In terms of the work you will be doing, there are various worksheets and assignments for both the fitness and PT sections alongside the practical element of the qualification. The practical skills are learned by watching videos and practicing in the gym and then filming the skills we want to see you doing.

The Process

Here is a summary of the process of completing the Level 3 Diploma Practitioner In Personal Training so you can see the stages you will go through:

  • First, a one-to-one introductory tutorial (overview of the qualification and you make a study and assessment plan).
  • You’ll start with the level 2 fitness gym part.
  • You’ll start to work though the initial theory information and complete a unit theory assessments (worksheet).
  • Then you’ll focus more on the practical skills and prepare the practical skills thoroughly.
  • The when all the pre-practical work is done, the practical assessment filming date is planned.
  • Then you film the level 2 practical assessment.
  • The same format is followed for the personal trainer part to complete the qualification.

Some people take a fast-track route – about 1 – 4 months. Others need the whole 1 year to complete. There is no “average” as such as we don’t monitor this, because every learner is different and they take as long as they take. If you are on a deadline, we will be on your case to complete within your required timescale.

For those taking the level 2 Gym and Level 3 PT certificates separately, the gym part is shorter in terms of the work to do, but once learners are used to studying again the PT section can be just as short.

Why HFI?

Our unique selling point is the personal level of service and expert tuition we offer. We support all our learners on their own path towards qualification.

I hope you choose to take your qualification with us and we can follow your progress into the industry and making a huge splash with your PT business going forward.

You can register with CIMSPA as a professional. Click here to go to the CIMSPA site to validate the Focus Awards GYM INSTRUCTOR and PERSONAL TRAINER qualifications are recognised. On the CIMSPA website click on Occupational professional standards “ACCESS DIRECTORY” to locate the qualifications on the CIMSPA website.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wishing you all the best in your career, Alison

HFI will lead you every step of the way

Should I take the "combined PT Diploma" or the gym and PT certificates separately?

Whether you take the two individual certificates (Level 2 Fitness and the Level 3 PT) or the combined Diploma, there is no difference to the end status you achieve. Both routes end up with you being a qualified Personal Trainer (CIMSPA PT Practitioner).

Where is the UK PT Diploma Recognised?

The Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training is the qualification of choice for the UK for Personal Training but it is also highly regarded in other parts of the world. Wider Europe also recognise the UK PT qualification, as do Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa. For North America then you'll need to add ACSM Certified Personal Trainer or take this instead if North America is your only place of work.

Which Personal Training Awarding Body is Best?

All the awarding bodies are the same as they use the same government guidelines about what the qualifications must include. We use FOCUS AWARDS as our awarding body, their qualifications are recognised by CIMSPA

Which Personal Training Course Provider is Best?

The choice of training provider is crucial because these are the human beings who are helping you study and to prepare for your assessments. We have great human beings working for us at HFI! It would be an honour if you allowed us to prove this to you.

Advanced Personal Training Courses

Level 3 is the highest level for a personal trainer. There are a number of specialist (level 2 and 3) qualifications that the personal trainer can add to their knowledge and skills repertoire. Example are Exercise for Pre and Post-Natal and Exercise for the Older Adult. There are also "Level 4" qualifications to become specialists. The PT needs to take a qualification called Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral to access the Level 4 qualifications. Examples of Level 4 qualifications are Level 4 Clients with Obesity and Level 4 Clients with Diabetes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. It really is a mine-field out there for qualifications and we have been in the industry long enough to be able to advise you without the hard sell.

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