Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL Personal Trainer

It is super frustrating when you have been working in the industry for decades (or you have an exercise-related BSc degree) and you can’t get registered as a Personal Trainer Practitioner with CIMSPA. What is needed is to get “recognition of prior learning” for your past achievements. RPL Personal Trainer is a great way to use what you know already towards getting a Personal Trainer qualification you can use in the industry.

Your insurer, and the insurer of the health club, requires all personal trainers to be CIMSPA registered as Personal Trainer Practitioners. It seems crazy to have to repeat knowledge you already have in order to get “officially” qualified.

We hear you.

The solution is RPL Personal Trainer. This will not only reduce cost but also save you time and effort. The price of the Personal Trainer Practitioner qualification (usually £920.00) will be dramatically reduced (as low as £295.00) depending on how many units you can be exempt from.

Here are the various ways people can RPL Personal Trainer qualification:

Direct Certification £295.00 – for those who have all the prior units and just need a certificate

Self-Study Certification £695.00 – for those who have the knowledge and skills for no actual “units” yet.

Most people end up being somewhere in between £295.00 and £695.00 to study and be assessed on the units they require.

A good example is a BSc graduate (graduated 5 years or less ago) with years of experience as a gym instructor and then as a personal trainer usually end up being exempt from about half of the units and pay £495.00 for the discounted self-study course.


Here are the required units for the CIMSPA Personal Trainer Practitioner Diploma qualification:

Level 2 Units:

• Principles of health and wellbeing for exercise, fitness and health Y/617/8588
• Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for exercise and health D/617/8589
• Know how to support clients’ lifestyle management and enhance client motivation for exercise and physical activity R/617/8590
• Principles of professional practice and health and safety in a fitness environment Y/617/8591
• Planning professional practice with effective consultations and assessments for gym-based exercise sessions D/617/8592
• Instructing professional practice and effective exercise supervision in gym-based exercise sessions H/617/8593</p>

Level 3 Units:

• Anatomy physiology and kinesiology for exercise and health K/617/8594
• Applying nutritional principles to personal training M/617/8595
• Planning exercise Programme design for Personal Training Clients T/617/8596
• Delivering exercise programmes for Personal Training sessions A/617/8597
• Business acumen and the use of information technology for a personal trainer F/617/8598