RPL Your Personal Trainer Qualification

Are you frustrated after years of industry experience or holding an exercise-related BSc degree, yet finding roadblocks to becoming a CIMSPA-registered Personal Trainer Practitioner? The solution lies in obtaining “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) for your wealth of knowledge and accomplishments. RPL Personal Trainer offers a streamlined approach to leveraging your existing expertise towards acquiring a recognised Personal Trainer qualification within the industry.

Why go through the hassle of repeating what you already know to attain an “official” qualification? We understand your frustration, and that’s why RPL Personal Trainer is here to offer a solution. Not only does this option significantly reduce costs, but it also saves you valuable time and effort. The standard price of the Personal Trainer Practitioner qualification, usually £895.00, can be dramatically slashed to as low as £325.00, if you are exempt from all 11 units and you just require certificate.

Discover the various ways you can pursue RPL Personal Trainer qualification:

  1. Direct Certification £325.00: For those who possess all the required prior units and simply need the certificate.
  2. £325.00 – £895.00: Tailored for individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, even if they haven’t completed specific “units” yet.

Most individuals typically find themselves falling within the £325.00 to £895.00 range, studying and being assessed on the units they require. Consider the example of a recent BSc graduate with extensive experience as a gym instructor and personal trainer. Such individuals often find themselves exempt from approximately half of the units, leading to a reduced cost. Please call or email for details.

CIMSPA Personal Trainer Practitioner Diploma Qualification Units:

Level 2 Units:

  • Principles of health and wellbeing for exercise, fitness and health
  • Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for exercise and health
  • Know how to support clients’ lifestyle management and enhance client motivation for exercise and physical activity
  • Principles of professional practice and health and safety in a fitness environment
  • Planning professional practice with effective consultations and assessments for gym-based exercise sessions
  • Instructing professional practice and effective exercise supervision in gym-based exercise sessions

Level 3 Units:

  • Anatomy physiology and kinesiology for exercise and health
  • Applying nutritional principles to personal training
  • Business acumen and the use of information technology for a personal trainer
  • Planning exercise Programme design for Personal Training Clients
  • Delivering exercise programmes for Personal Training sessions

Embark on your journey toward recognition and qualification with RPL Personal Trainer, where your knowledge and experience are valued and efficiently integrated into your path to becoming a certified Personal Trainer Practitioner.