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HFI Training are experts in personal training, clinical exercise qualifications and personal training psychology. We've been in business for nearly 30 years.

We pride ourselves in not being the cheapest. This is due to the expert tuition and one-to-one support that we provide to all our learners throughout the process towards qualification and skills development success. Our up-skilling courses translate into real benefits to your clients and therefore maximising your business success.

We provide UK and internationally recognised gym instructor and personal trainer qualifications for those who are new to the fitness industry. We also offer more advanced qualifications and skills development to those who are already established as personal trainers. Our specialisation is the psychology of behaviour change as this is where the real difference between a good and a bad personal trainer lies.

We are the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) representatives in the UK and so provide internationally recognised personal training qualifications for those who are really serious about science. We also offer the ACSM's exercise physiology and clinical exercise credentials for exercise-related university graduates who working in elite sport and cardiac rehabilitation.

If you really have nothing better to do and want to know more....

We are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

This ensures that all our qualifications are recognised in the UK industry and that our learners gain immediate professional registration with CIMSPA and REPs.

Our "awarding body" for UK qualifications is Focus Awards. All our tutors and assessors are highly qualified and have vast industry experience as personal trainers, tutors and assessors. This gives you the best start and further development to your career in the industry.

We are one of the only completely private training companies so we only enrol highly motivated learners who are self-funding, unfortunately we don’t use the government career development loans scheme as we feel the prices for the courses are too high and the loans do need paying off eventually.

Established in 1991, HFI Training's founding health and fitness programme was the American College of Sports Medicine Certification (ACSM), which preceded the UK’s current “REPs” recognised industry qualifications. HFI Training’s main principle was to support individuals to gain high quality qualifications and to perform better through the delivery of outstanding training programmes.

Today this principle remains core to our business and has enabled HFI Training to become one of the UK's top training providers offering only industry recognised qualifications. We have developed into the training provider of choice when learners are looking for higher quality and more personalised support while preparing for qualifications.

Being an Approved Training Provider means we are also authorised to assess an individual prior qualifications and work experience to determine whether they can be exempt from any part or parts of training which can reduce training costs to the individual.

HFI continue to offer the ACSM Certification Programme as this offers a route for person trainers to further develop their knowledge above the UK industry’s requirements.

HFI also offer off-the-shelf and bespoke corporate solutions ranging from the assessment of training and development needs for health clubs

Personalised and one-to-one support is our business ethos and we work hard to achieve great results for our learners, whether this is through our individual or small group workshops, personal live online tuition or through the development of technology to allow learner to study via distance learning without missing out on essential assessment preparation.

The one-to-one approach has developed into the ability for us to nurture our graduates and provide them with a full career guidance and development programme once qualified. This involves help securing interviews, interview preparation assistance and personal training business development programmes.

In short, we look to support our learners throughout their careers and provide them with the right opportunities for a successful future in the fitness industry.

We look forward to helping you to make your fitness industry future fantastic!

About Alison Hall (Owner and CEO HFI Training Ltd)

After 37 years of working in this industry I think I have seen pretty much all of the changes regarding the registration of gym instructors and personal trainer that have occurred along the way to the present day. What is quite alarming though is that a regular full-time PAYE gym instructor position is no better paid now than it was all those years ago when I first qualified. However, the industry still has such a great deal to offer and personal training continues to be a most rewarding career path to take.

When I started in industry as a YMCA Exercise to Music instructor in 1983 At that time there was no official registration for fitness professionals. ACSM had been offering a high-quality standard of Certifications in the USA for fitness instructors since 1975 and YMCA in the UK were offering ETM qualifications. I entered the industry properly after graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sport Science and went to work for an excellent health club employer in London initially as a gym instructor and then after a few years, as a personal trainer. That's how it worked then, you served your apprenticeship as a fitness instructor for years before you could even think of becoming a personal trainer. How times have changed..... in 1987, while working in my first job in London I set up some training courses for gym instructor and personal trainer as long ago as there was nothing else out there. I had discovered the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) while at university and so I went to over to New York to get my ACSM Health Fitness Instructor qualification in 1987. I came back full of it and following that experience in the USA, I went back to NY for a year and gained my Master’s degree in clinical exercise and also gain various other American College of Sports Medicine qualifications. So, it was on my return that I set up my training company offering the American College of Sports Medicine qualifications. And the rest is history I guess, HFI Training now continue to offer ACSM (to those who want to take it a little further) alongside all the regular Level 2,3 and 4 qualifications to get trainers established in the UK industry.

I am a qualified motivational interviewing practitioner, counsellor and Intuitive Eating therapist. I continue to train one or two clients personally, dealing mainly with people who, for one reason or another, have complicated issues where eating and exercise are concerned and so are not getting what they want from their lives.

Exercise must be single most powerful thing anyone can do to enhance their health, so why not make your career out of it too.

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