Getting recognised as a personal trainer in the UK means (very nearly) worldwide recognition

Most of the whole world wants to get a recognised UK Personal Trainer qualification because we have a reputation for consistency, quality and the best balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. So, whether you are in Deptford, Dublin or Dubai come and get qualified with the best. For the USA and Canada look to the ACSM instead. To be truly 'international', you can combine the best of the UK and the USA with the Global Personal Trainer.

In the UK fitness industry all reputable training companies use a recognised ‘Awarding Body’ to certify their learners. At HFI, we use Focus Awards as they are CIMSPA Approved and that is what matters for recognition in the UK.

Brand new to the industry?

If you are new to the industry you might want to just come with us and start learning with some assisted learning modules. There is a Level 2 Gym Online Learning Course and a Level 3 PT Online Learning Course also. You can start with these and get a great theoretical base to get you thinking in the right way before you make the jump into actually taking the full PT qualification.

Getting Qualified

If you just want to take the opportunity right now and get on and get qualified, then can choose to start initially with the ‘Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Gym)’ or go straight to the ‘Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training’. This 'combined' Personal Training Diploma covers both the gym instructor and personal trainer certificates. If you are already Fitness instructor qualified you only need to do the Level 3 Personal Training Certificate.

Already PT Qualified?

Once you are Level 3 Personal Trainer qualified you are able to work on a self-employed basis and you may want to then become more specialised so you can work with a broader range of clients, like Older Adults (Level 3) or Pre and Post-Natal (Level 3). Or, if you want to get to Level 4 then you need the Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral first and then you can go on to the Level 4 Certificate in Obesity and Diabetes. Alternatively, you can focus more on the academic side of personal training and look to what the USA is doing and go for the 'big one', the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (the USA Gold Standard). With this you will really stand out.

University Graduate?

If you are a university graduate, please get in touch because there might well be a way of getting you personal trainer qualified without having to take the full 'taught' Level 3 PT Diploma course. Following this, you may are also eligible to take the ACSM EP-C (Certified Exercise Physiologist) which is a stand-alone ‘exercise physiology qualification' or can add incredible value to your degree and your level 3 personal training credentials.

Staying Qualified

Once you register with CIMSPA (the fitness industry governing body) you will need to maintain your ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) credits. All our courses carry CPD so have a look here when the time comes.

Brand new to the industry?
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