Retake and Remarking Costs

Course Extension* Fees – All courses have a 1-year deadline unless otherwise agreed with HFI. Courses might be extendable for a fee. Extension of 1 month = £55.00; 2 months = £65.00; 6 months = £75.00   * *Extension fee must be paid BEFORE expiry date.

Remarking of Theory Units (units 1 and 2 of level 2 gym and level 3 PT) –There are special charges for remarking Units 1 and 2 – these pieces of work are “exam-style” and direct assistance (ie correcting your actual answers is not allowed from the tutors. Tutors will assist in understanding information and concepts contained within the syllabuses but not be involved in helping you to formulate your answers to the worksheet questions. Therefore, once the worksheets are submitted for marking if there are any amendments to be make there will be charges as follows:
1-9 questions / unit remark = £35.00
10-19 questions / unit remark = £50.00
20-29 questions / unit remark= £75.00
29+ questions / unit remark = £85.00


Practical Assessments Retake (remark) Fees – £295.00 (some practical assessment are only “part retakes” so the price is lower. This costs is assessed on a case by case basis.