HFI Training Retake and Remarking Costs

Here are the main retake and remarking costs which are relevant to the Level 2 Gym (6 units), Level 3 PT (4 units) and the Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and personal Training (10 units combined).

Workbook - all items must be completed and submitted by email at least 1 week prior to the practical assessment day or when the date you have agreed to submit your practical assessment video. Any items not completed and submitted by this time will be charged at £35 late fee for each for per item PER WEEK (ie one worksheet up to a week late is £35; programme card up to a week late is £35, client form etc).

Remark fees for workbook items* (*except the theory units which are outlined below) not issued with a PASS grade for your final submission are charged at £15 per item for a remark.

Theory Units (Level 2 A&P and Principles; Level 3 A&P and Nutrition) - there are special charges for remarking the theory. Once the worksheets are submitted for marking if there are any amendments to be make there will be charges as follows:
1-9 questions remark = £35.00
10-19 questions remark = £50.00
20-29 questions remark = £75.00
29+ questions remark = £85.00

Practical Assessment Retake:

A live retake or a remark for a video submission for a practical assessment is £195.00

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