Help for Fitness Professionals

Help With Disordered Eating and Exercise for Fitness Professionals.

I offer help with disordered eating and exercise for fitness professionals. If you have spent a long time, even a lifetime, submerged selling diet culture it is difficult to escape the damage it can do to your biology and psychology.

Natural Health

If your “best body” isn’t 100% your natural body and you have been constantly making effort to maintain your shape (and likely yo-yoed up and down) you will, likely, have lost the natural ability of the biology and psychology to control your appetite.

When you consciously control things, you lose the internal – unconscious – control of your appetite. This means you have to rely on willpower to try and curb your appetite or “make up for eating by exercising”.  It can easily become a viscous cycle of making a “concerted effort” and going “off the wagon”  to recover. Weight cycling, no matter what your weight is a dangerous health risk.

Each time you go around this cycle you are having to fight harder against the increasing damage done to your body and  mind. What you might think was the “normal ageing progress making things more difficult” is really just the damage from restriction and over-exercise taking its toll.

It’s Normal

The body and mind objects to all this artificial effort by changing your biology and psychology. This a perfectly normal response to trying to maintain body different to the one nature had intended for us. Nothing is wrong with you. You aren’t losing your touch or are just getting older.

Humans aren’t meant to maintain a body that isn’t our natural body. No matter how much you try and focus on goals to motivate yourself and increase your muscle mass, Mother Nature always wins in the end.

No Maintenance

If you are tired of the ‘pretence’ can see how a natural body that doesn’t require any effort to “maintain” would be a whole lot healthier way to be, then get in touch. Stress is the biggest factor when it comes to health and the brain or body wasn’t designed to be in this kind of artificial state. Without the stress of maintaining a certain body you will be much healthier than maintaining that lower weight, body composition, or certain physique or eating a certain way can ever allow you.

Scary But Worth It

If you are also nervous about your “image” changing we can also talk about how to market your business in a different way to include true holistic health. True holistic health includes the effect that stress has on our bodies. True ‘allostatic” health is inclusive of all bodies. It’s a scary thought, but wouldn’t you rather be at the forefront of the Anti-Diet, Health at Every Size revolution than left behind?

Low-Cost Intuitive Eating Counselling

We offer a free discovery consultation to talk about your situation and low-cost Intuitive Eating Counselling, click here to book with Try Freedom. We have a special rate of £15 per session (subject to availability) for one-to-one Intuitive Eating counselling to help with disordered eating and exercise for fitness professionals.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Look after yourself for true health.

Alison Hall

HFI Training and Try Freedom Owner and Founder.