Cheapest Personal Trainer Courses

HFI Offer the Cheapest Personal Trainer Courses

When embarking on a journey to become a personal trainer, selecting the right course is crucial for laying a strong foundation in this field. Among the myriad of factors to consider, price stands out as a key determinant. While some might argue that quality should reign supreme, the cost of a personal trainer course holds significant weight for several reasons.


First and foremost, affordability plays a pivotal role in making education accessible to aspiring personal trainers. Many individuals drawn to this profession are passionate about fitness but may not have abundant financial resources at their disposal. A prohibitive price tag on a course could deter talented individuals from pursuing their dreams, thereby limiting diversity within the fitness industry. By offering courses at reasonable rates, educational institutions open doors for a more inclusive pool of aspiring trainers, enriching the profession with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.

Value and Quality

Many high-price courses profess that they are of better quality but this is not the case. HFI offer the highest of quality courses at the most competitive of price-points. The CIMSPA-recogised Focus AwardsLevel 2 Certificate in Planning and Delivering Gym-based Exercise Course is only £334.00 and the Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma Practitioner in Personal Training Course, also CIMSPA-recogised, is only or £895.00. Also check out our even lower-priced RPL-routes to these qualification if you hold other qualifications.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Our courses cover the full syllabus of these comprehensive occupational qualifications. You will learn come out with an intricate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise programming and client management, among other aspects. HFI cut no corners because it is not possible to do this if the qualification at the end fulfils the requirements of the awarding body – in our case Focus Awards – and therefor enables CIMSPA registration. Our tutors are educated to Masters of Science level and are all very experience personal trainers in their own right – this is something other training providers cannot boast.

Our experience and comprehensive curriculum are both instrumental in equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. Investing in a reputable course can yield substantial returns in terms of career opportunities, client satisfaction and earning potential, but you don’t have to pay above the odds to obtain this. At HFI, we understand upfront costs are at least daunting and in many cases prohibitive. This is why we keep our prices unusually low.

On-going Support

Even at a lower price we commit to your ongoing support and professional development. Beyond the initial training and certification, we offer resources such as continuing education opportunities,  job placement assistance and mentorship programmes. These services contribute to the long-term success and growth of personal trainers, helping them stay abreast of industry trends, expand their clientele  and advance their careers. With other training providers, these additional benefits come at a higher cost as they are invaluable for those seeking sustained success in the competitive fitness industry.

HFI provide the best potential return on investment because your initial outlay is lower and your earning will be as good as any other qualified personal trainer. HFI offer a well-rounded education and have been in business since 1999 so we are not going anywhere. We have heard many examples of training companies going bust and the learner is left with nothing to show for their efforts.

Earning Potential

CIMSPA-registered personal trainers often command premium rates for their services, especially if they have specialised knowledge or certifications in niche areas such as GP Referral or Exercise for Diabetes. By choosing a course that provides comprehensive training and reputable credentials as well as the best price-tag, individuals can position themselves for lucrative career opportunities in various settings, including gyms, studios, corporate wellness programmes and private practice.

You Can Have It All

In conclusion, you can have it all – value and quality. Do your research and check what you are getting for your money. We have seen high-priced courses which are not CIMSPA-recognised. It’s as though because they are higher priced potential customers assume they are approved.  Check the CIMSPA OCCUPATIONAL qualifications for their endorsed PT qualifications here. Look for Focus Awards Focus Awards Level 3 Diploma Practitioner in Personal Training (RQF)

Why would you pay more if you don’t have to? It’s a much smoother entry into an industry that could be the start of a fulfilling career as a dynamic and unique personal trainer.

Contact Alison Hall at HFI Training now to discuss your situation and how to get qualified at the lowest possible cost without compromising on quality.