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The Register of Exercise Professionals (Reps)

What is the Register of Exercise Professionals? 

The Register of Exercise Professionals (or REPs) is a government-backed system of self-regulation for all instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers involved in the exercise and fitness industry. They provide a Code of Conduct for all Exercise Professionals to follow.

The Register of Exercise Professionals is designed to:-

- Provide a system to regulate fitness instructors and trainers
- Ensure fitness instructors and trainers meet the health and fitness industry’s national occupational standards
- Safeguard the livelihood of professionals who have invested time and money into their education
- Protect the public from individuals who do not meet nationally recognised standards
- Registration is achieved and maintained through qualifications and training which are nationally recognised and which are linked to the National Occupational Standards for exercise and fitness

Why is the Register of Exercise Professionals important?

It is vital that as a qualified Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer you are aware of the educational importance and the professional requirement of maintaining and updating your knowledge and skills base.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points can be achieved by attending REPs accredited training courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and trade shows. Over a two year period any instructor or Personal Trainer who wishes to maintain their REPs accreditation will need to gain 24 CPD points, a minimum of 4 CPD points being achieved within any one year.

HFI Training - REPs accredited

HFI Training’s courses are recognised by the awarding body, Active IQ, and are also endorsed by the government-backed, Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

HFI Training recognises the importance of CPD and have developed a portfolio of credible and REPs recognised qualifications and workshops to provide you with a number of attractive options for continuing your lifelong journey in the health and fitness industry.

HFI Training are also an REPs approved Assessment Centre so we can assess a previously qualified and experienced candidate’s eligibility for REPs registration and offer them an assessment-only route to REPs registration. Click here for details about how to get registered by assessment only.

For further details about how to become a personal trainer click here.

How get REPs registered

When you successfully complete your Level 2 or level 3 qualification you will receive certification from Active IQ which will allow you to join REPs at the relevant Level and category.

REPs Joining Checklist -

  • Industry CV - giving details of your work in the health and fitness industry. If you are new to the industry you are not required to enclose a CV
  • Scanned copies of all your industry qualifications
  • Letter of Authenticity - must be completed and signed by a responsible person stating they have seen the original copies of your qualification certificates. 
  • Evidence of Insurance - If you will not be purchasing insurance through REPs, please provide a copy of your own insurance policy, or if you are covered by your employers insurance please provide a signed letter from your employer confirming this.
  • Payment method - you can now pay for your REPs registration online - £40.00. 

These must all be in pdf, jpg or doc format. 

REPs Categories

The Register of Exercise Professionals has Levels and Categories. There is a certain order that is required:
- Level 2 Gym (access to Level 3 Personal Trainer)
- Level 3 Personal Trainer (access to Level 3 Exercise Referral)
- Level 3 Exercise Referral (access to Level 4)
- Level 4 (Specialist Modules) 

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) are agreed by the industry and describe the knowledge, competencies and skills required to perform specific job roles underpinning the REPs categories. These are developed by SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Wellbeing.

These NOS are then developed into qualifications by awarding organisations which accredit training providers to deliver quality assured training courses that meet the NOS.

Level 2:

- Gym
- Exercise to Music
- Aqua
- Physical Activity for Children

Level 3:

- Advanced Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
- Advanced Exercise to Music
- Exercise Referral
- EMDP, Yoga, Pilates

Level 4:

- Obesity/Diabetes
- Cardiac Disease
- Falls Prevention
- Stroke
- Mental Health
- Back Pain
- Chronic Respiratory Disease
- Cancer Rehabilitation
- Long Term Neurological Conditions
- Acceleration Rehabilitation (Military only)