Thank you for considering HFI to guide your Personal Training Career.

When you enrol with us you will be in touch with me (Alison Hall) immediately to help you to decide on the best plan for your study and practice. You will also continue to have these one-to-one tutorials as necessary.

Some people want to get going quickly and others want to get into it more slowly with some background reading first. Any reasonable timescale is potentially achievable with our expert guidance, you will can also discus this prior to booking the course.

The gym and PT qualifications involve a large theory element so this can be studied from home (anywhere in the world) and we use Skype and Zoom for one-to-one tutorials with you. There is also, obviously, a very important practical skills element and this is developed by completing our unique remote practical skills development programme. During non-pandemic times we have face-to-face days practical training days, but the remote skills development programme alternative, we find, is an excellent practical preparation format as you are taught on a one-to-one basis rather than being in a group as in the in-person version of this element. We do need to check your gym skills prior to the course to ensure you will be able develop the required practical skills using this promote learning programme. Depending on how you get on and what your own preferences are you can complete the practical element at any time. Most people, complete the theory first and the practical at the end of the course. During non-pandemic times the face-to-face practical training days are held monthly - all year round - in Central London so the planning is extremely flexible for you. You choose dates that suit you. There is one training day for the level 2 gym and one for the level 3 PT. You can decide on dates at the start or you can pick dates as you go along.

If you are not able to attend face-to-face in London then you also have the option to take the course without face-to-face attendance as long as , again, you have the correct level of pre-course skills.

In terms of the work you will be supported in doing, there are various worksheets and assignments for both the gym and PT sections alongside the practical element of the qualification.

Here is a summary of the process of completing the Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training so you can see the stages you will go through:

  1. One-to-one introductory tutorial.
  2. You'll start with the level 2 gym part.
  3. You'll then start to work though the initial theory work and unit theory assessments.
  4. Then you'll focus more on the practical skills and prepare the practical skills thoroughly.
  5. The when all the pre-practical work is done, the practical assessment filming date is planned.
  6. Then the level 2 practical assessment filming takes place.
  7. More study/Skype tutorials and the final theory work is completed.
  8. The same format is followed for the level 3 part to complete the qualification.

Some people take a fast-track route (about 10 weeks) or extend the duration from start to finish as much as you like. Typical is about 3-4 months. People can choose to take longer over this if they prefer. For those taking the level 2 Gym and Level 3 PT separately, then 1-2 months is quite typical for each one. People who have more commitments at work can take up to one year if they like. The maximum is 1 year in total.

Our unique selling point is the close and expert tuition and support given to all our learners to ensure a thorough preparation for assessments. I hope you choose to take your qualification with us as you will receive a much more personal service and we can guide you with setting up your business when the time comes.

One 'combined Diploma' certificate or two 'individual Certificates'?

Participants can take the two individual certificates (Level 2 Gym and the Level 3 PT) or, if they prefer, take them as the combined Diploma. There is no difference to the end status you achieve by taking the two certificates or the combined Diploma.

Where is the UK's PT Diploma Recognised?

The Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training is the qualification of choice for the UK for Personal Training. This can be taken by anybody without prior qualifications, however a general level of education is required and a keen interest in the gym and exercise is necessary.

We use FOCUS AWARDS as our 'awarding body', which is recognised by the UK’s Personal trainer register CIMSPA (REPs are the 'old register' and are currently transferring all their registration over to CIMSPA as their annual renewal dates come up. Reps fold up as soon as all the registrants have been transferred to CIMSPA.

Level 3 is the highest level for a personal trainer. Level 4 is an "add-on" category that Level 3 personal trainers can go on to to qualify in other specific specialist topics (eg. Exercise for Obesity and Diabetes).

The ultimate end-point is to be Level 3 personal trainer qualified, so you are recognised in the UK and some other countries (Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and others). For the USA and Canada look to the ACSM CPT qualification.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. It really is a mine-field out there for qualifications and we have been in the industry long enough to be able to advise you without the hard sell.

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