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FAQs - Personal Training Industry

As an aspiring personal trainer you have probably tried to decipher the vast array of courses and qualifications out there.

You probably have many are a basic selection, but please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about what you need to do to get where you want to go.


- What is CIMSPA and the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs)? 

These are the UK registers for Personal Trainers. CIMSPA will take over REPs in a few months time, leading to one sole register. You need an 'official' qualification from a recognised 'awarding body' to get registered. 'Training Providers' are the companies that teach you the course and issue you with your certificate. HFI Training is a training provider. We has been in business for over 30 years! HFI use Focus Awards as our 'awarding body'. This is one of the recognised ones, so make sure you are going to get a valid qualification when choosing your personal trainer qualification.


- What is the "official" qualification that personal trainers need in the UK?  

The Level 3 Personal Trainer (either as the "Certificate" or "Diploma") is the qualification required to be recognised as a Personal Trainer here in the UK.


- What are Awarding Bodies? 

There are a number of awarding organisations (eg Focus, Active IQ, CYQ, City & Guilds) who are regulated by the government's organisation Ofqual.

Personal Training roles fall within the Active Leisure sector and awarding organisations design qualifications that support clearly defined career pathways. Awarding organisations offer a range of qualifications within the the sector.

HFI's awarding organisation for the UK is Active IQ who offer a wide range of accredited qualifications including QCF Levels 1-4. All of Active IQ's qualifications are appropriate to occupations within the Active Leisure and Learning Sector and they are proud to have developed the first nationally accredited Level 4 Certificate in Exercise for The Management of Low Back Pain.


- What are "Training Providers?

These are private companies, like HFI who have gained approval by an awarding organisation to offer the awarding organisation's qualifications to the public.


- Are there 'unofficial organisations" out there? 

Yes there are. Many. REPs are the only organisation that can give you professional registration in the UK that can be used to gain employment as a Personal Trainer. Make sure your training provider has an official awarding body and that the qualification you are doing will gain registration with REPs at the "level" and in the "category" you need.